Sunday, June 3, 2012

Proven Formula: Soy Beans * Water * Meditaiton in Hell's Kitchen = xxx

According to the soy beans' formula, the following ingredients can produce 4 types of soy beans' deliverables.

Water * Soy Beans * Meditation in Hell's Kitchen + Nigari
(1) Soy milk + (2) Okara + (3) Yuba + (4) Tofu

Soy beans 340g
1. Rinse soy beans well, and soak in water over night until its size doubles.
2. Blend it in a blender to smooth.  Add soaking water as necessary for easy blending.
Smooth as possible
3. Add water (approx. same amount as blended soy beans) and heat in low-mid heat.  Continuously stir to avoid burning at the bottom. 

4. Once the aroma of soy changes to "sweet" from "raw beans", it's time to separate SOY MILK from OKARA.  Use cloth to drain soy milk.

Use cloth to drain soy milk.
The first deliverables: OKARA and SOY MILK.
 5. Now it is time to make Yuba.  If successfully done, Yuba should look like this... 
Well... Heat Soy milk in a pot to approx. 80 degrees Celsius. Do not stir as Yuba supposedly starts to form on the surface of Soy milk...  Honestly, I could get only one bite of YUBA formed probably due to an error in temperature control(?).

One bite of Yuba... so CREAMY! 
Took only one second to digest...
See Yuba forming on the surface?

6. Anyway, keep Soy milk in 80 degrees Celsius, then turn off the heat.  Add Nigari about 5-6 drops to Soy milk, slowly stir for 10 seconds or less.  Let it rest for another 20-30 minutes... here comes soft TOFU!  You can eat as is... or drain water for solid texture. 

Soft Tofu. 

Transfer soft tofu to containers with holes at the bottom.  Place something heavy on the top of tofu to remove excess water for a few hours...
Freshly made Tofu is so CREAMY and SWEET.  Enjoy its simple and rich flavor with salt, soy sauce, Ponzu sauce, green onions...

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