Monday, April 30, 2012

Listening To Your Mind, Body and Soul

 Back in NYC. Just returned from a trip to Sedona, Arizona.
Overlooking Thunder mountain (a symbol of musculinity) from Birthing Cave in Sedona, AZ
In Sedona, AZ, I meditated in Birthing Cave - where your wishes come true if you pray with a "right" set of mind.  
What is the "right" set of mind?  It is to pray in "positive" mind set.

You may ask me, "do you really believe in that?" 

Meditation only lasted a few minutes...

Meditation in the cave reminded me of how I met the Universe upon birth.  I felt a sense of love and appreciation to the Universe.  I am not alone.  I was born with purpose!

I want to be happy / healthy by practicing what my mind, body and soul tells me to.
I want to share my experience with rest of the World!

Back in NYC.
Simple breakfast.  A full of natural flavors.  Vegan.  Absolutely NO chemicals.

Humble? but luxurious.   

Rice soup cooked with veggie stock and Japanese plum. 
Celery with olive oil and balsamico.
Carrot and celery - kimpira syle.

My mind body and soul?
Very happy! (^^)

Thank you, Sedona!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shrimp Sunday

CHEAP but FRESH shrimps from China town (only $10 for 2lbs)
In this picture, I only used 40% of total purchase.

Happily roasted in olive oil, garlic, and Japanese red peppers.
 Heavenly aroma!

Cooked in olive oil, then marinated with Tofu mayo which was made of olive oil and mustard seeds!
Please someone come and arrest me!

Crispy frie dshrimp heads.  Of course it is full of shrimp juice inside... 

Kill me!  (oh, nono... pls don't)

I am looking at YOU!

I wish I could share the aroma with you via Internet.

Have a nice evening!!

Pasta or Udon? Sunday Brunch with OLIVE Oil Addiction

Healthy noodle soup for Sunday Brunch?

Are you willing to be addicted to a secret ingredient of this noodle soup?

That's OLIVE oil!
Pasta or Udon? with olive oil and lemon grass soup

Ingredients (serves 1 bowl):
(a) Mini tomatoes, each piece cut into 4.
Shallot, sliced

(b) Cilantro

(c) Soup stock
Lemon grass stem

(d) Udon or pasta

Most importantly, a plenty of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL!
1.Cook soup stock and lemon grass in low heat.  Add a pinch of salt.
2. Cook  Udon or pasta in a pot.
3. Stir fly veggies (a) with a plenty of OLIVE OIL.  add a pinch of salt & pepper.
4. Add 1, 2, and 3 to a noodle bowl.  Add herbs (b) on top.
5. To finish it off, add a few drops of OLIVE OIL.


Healthy start of Sunday morning?
Now, you may order Bloody Mary with Absolute Pepper Vodka.

Have a nice Sunday!! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slow-cooking Thursday

Slow-cooking on Thursday morning.  
No oil cooking - except for natural oil from chicken breast and a bit of olive oil.
So easy on your body.

 Healing moments in Hell's kitchen?
1. Pickled veggies.  2. Roasted lemon grass chicken.  3. Carrot kinpira salad with sesame cream 

Chicken breasts are roasted with lemon grass in low temperature for almost an hour...

Add natural juice from lemon grass chicken and brown rice to celery and radish soup.
Brown rice soup with celery and radish.
 Have a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to eat carrots like a CRAZY bunny

2 big bags of carrot = $2 at the Farmer's Market.
I will show you how to eat carrots like a CRAZY rabbit! 

(Out of total volume as 100%)
Carrot 85%, cut into 5 inch
Asparagus 5%, stemmed.
Onion  10%, chopped
Garlic 5%, chopped
Tofu Mayo 4.75%
Salt and black / white pepper, a pinch
Soy sauce 0.25%

Can anyone check if the ingredients  add up to 100%?

Tofu mayo - made of soft tofu and mustard seeds
1. Cook carrots and asparagus in boiling water with salt for a few minutes.
2. Once carrots cool down, mix rest of the ingredients.
3. Let  it rest in a fridge over night or at least a few hours.

Too easy? Chop up the salad for a filling for breakfast sandwich.

Grilled sandwich with left-over veggie curry and springy salad.

For meat-eaters, why not adding cooked ground pork / chicken, and mix it with the salad?  Good with beer / a glass of wine or more.

Have a nice day!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Brunch: Boiled Chicken and Pork

Healthy version of chicken and pork dish.
 A recipe from Thailand, then converted to an easy recipe in Hell's Kitchen. 
Slow (boil) cook marinated chicken and pork in a Dutch oven.
Use the soup used to boil meats to cook rice, soup, and dipping.

See the whole black peppers?  Not grounded.
Dipping sauce: soy and miso flavors

 Have a good Sunday afternoon!