Monday, April 30, 2012

Listening To Your Mind, Body and Soul

 Back in NYC. Just returned from a trip to Sedona, Arizona.
Overlooking Thunder mountain (a symbol of musculinity) from Birthing Cave in Sedona, AZ
In Sedona, AZ, I meditated in Birthing Cave - where your wishes come true if you pray with a "right" set of mind.  
What is the "right" set of mind?  It is to pray in "positive" mind set.

You may ask me, "do you really believe in that?" 

Meditation only lasted a few minutes...

Meditation in the cave reminded me of how I met the Universe upon birth.  I felt a sense of love and appreciation to the Universe.  I am not alone.  I was born with purpose!

I want to be happy / healthy by practicing what my mind, body and soul tells me to.
I want to share my experience with rest of the World!

Back in NYC.
Simple breakfast.  A full of natural flavors.  Vegan.  Absolutely NO chemicals.

Humble? but luxurious.   

Rice soup cooked with veggie stock and Japanese plum. 
Celery with olive oil and balsamico.
Carrot and celery - kimpira syle.

My mind body and soul?
Very happy! (^^)

Thank you, Sedona!

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