Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What? Healing Chakla Bowl?? Food For Your Spirituality

If you have a chance to visit Sedona, AZ, try "Mago cafe"! 
Korean "organic" "vegetarian" restaurant in the middle of red rocks.
This is place serves fresh organic veggies with absolutely no trace of MSG!
Healing Chakla Bowl $11.95
 My favorite is... "Healing Chakla Bowl"
Yes, it heals your Chakla (^^)
It's vegan Bi-Bim-Bap.  Fresh raw veggies on nicely cooked brown rice.  With crispy seaweed sprinkled on the top and spicy sauce.
No question asked - Kimche
 Rather crunchy kimchee - light and tastes more like salad. Refreshing!
Soon Du Boo Gighae
 Spicy Tofu soup with had a trace of gladed ginger... which helped me detox all evil in me...
Mago cafe is located on the top of "spirituality" shop where you can take aura pictures, enjoy psychic readings, buy some crystals - it is SO Sedona (^^), a small town filled with psychics, artists, musicians.
I am not sure about condition of my Chakla (^^), butI felt so refreshed after a nice meal at Mago cafe. 
Now, time to hit a bar? 

Well, try a glass of wine enjoying a view of red rocks?
Open mic night at Mooney's
Why not having a glass of wine with travelling bikers at Mooney's Irish Pub
What a wonderful day in Sedona!
View of Cathedral rock from Red rock crossing.  
Have a nice day!!

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