Friday, May 4, 2012

Team Tofu in Hell's Kitchen for 99 cents

99 cents generic "Medium-firm Tofu" goes through a make-over    in Hell's Kitchen.

Tofu skin in Hell's Kitchen 
Shredded Tofu marinated in seaweed soup stock, then fried in garlic oil till outerskin gets crispy.  Stuffed in a raw mini pepper (for moist, cool, and crispy texture).  Drop Korean hot sauce and/or white miso.  Modestly Topped with green onion and caper.

Raw tofu in 3 flavors  - accompanied by
extra virgin olive oil,
soy sauce
sea salt
balsamic vinegar

1. Crispy garlic and pepper
2. Green onion and yuzu
3.Japanese plum, onion, and sesame

Baked tofu in Hell's kitchen
 Tofu and petit tomatoes baked in the oven with "white miso & green"marinade, "sake paste", and "Jamapnese plum & sake" marinade.

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