Thursday, May 10, 2012

Korean Soy Bean Stew: Bigee Chigae Vegan Version

 My friend kindly gave me her mama's Bigee Chigae recipe - Korean soy bean stew.  Again, I changed here and there of her recipe to make it "Vegan" compatible and the availability of ingredients in my fridge. 
Sweet aroma of soy beans are so comforting...

This stew is so healthy - loaded with botanical protein and fibers from soy beans.  Also, you may expect detox. effect from sweating like a marathon runner.
Soak soy beans over night.  Blend it with a cup of veggie stock til it is FINE and SMOOTH (which my blender could not handle...)
Make veggie soup stock with dried shitake mushroom and kombu seaweed.
Chop up garlic, mushrooms, Thai chili peppers for extreme heat.

In a clay pot, cook garlic with olive oil

Add mushroom
 Mushrooms and garlic are key ingredients!  Gives rich "Umami" flavors and aroma.
Add veggie soup stock, then blended soy...  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF HEAT!

Slice up shitake mushroom used for veggie stock, and add to the stew.  Add chopped green onions, Thai red & green peppers.  Finally, add hot oil and sesame seeds.  Enjoy with soy sauce...etc.

Thank you, Jenny and her mama, for a wonderful recipe!

Have a nice day!!


  1. Wow! How creative! You really brought the recipe to a different level! I really like the Vegan recipe.

  2. Thank you, Jenny! Your mama's recipe is great. Next time, I will make sure to BLEND soy beans WELL, so that it will have silky texture. Thank you for sharing a recipe with me.