Thursday, May 3, 2012

Habanero Bento To Get Through Thursday Afternoon In The Office

Habanero Chili gets you HIGH instantly. 
This is a perfect lunch for someone who has multiple meetings and/or calls on Thursday afternoon.
Please check Outlook and see if you have multiple meeting requests hanging without being accepted by you... (^^)

One more day to Friday!
1. Habanero Chili Bowl
2.Leek salad with Tofu Mayo
3. Leek glatin with soy milk
4. Brown rice

Tofu Mayo
To make Tofu Mayo - steam cook silken tofu for 10 min.

Then, blend Tofu with mustard seeds, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, palm sugar, caper, and salt.

Leek salad with Tofu Mayo

Cook leek in boiling water till it is tender
Drain leek, then mix with chopped onion and Tofu mayo.
Leek glatin with soy milky cream
Sautee leek and garlic with olive oil, then simmer with soy milk.  Add flour for thickness.

Add panko and peppers.  Cook in the oven 350 degrees until panko gets crispy.

Have a nice day!

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