Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Installation In Progress.

"Sudden death chicken" from yesterday did not do a job. The subject matter, "M", commented that it was really tasty, and he really meant it. (He was coughing up for 30 minutes though.) Immediately urged him to get a physical check-up.

How can anyone enjoy a piece of burnt chicken with
3 tbsp of salt
3 tbsp of black pepper
shower of Tabasco

It looked like a bird which struck the airplane's engine!!!!!
The project is currently undergoing preparation for the next show. Meanwhile, cooked several veggie dishes which could be stocked in the fridge for several days to weeks.
Condiments for rice:
1. Ginger, mustard, and sesame seeds, simmered in sake.
2.. "Konbu" Seaweed simmered in sake and soy sauce topped with sesame seeds.
3. Raw long hot peppers marinated with miso. Make sure to remove seeds. (This one rocks!)

Skin of Daikon radish and Cilantro cooked with sake and soy sauce.
Carrot pickles with shiso herb.

Boiled carrots marinated with apple vinegar and white pepper.
Boiled cauliflower marinated with curry powder and coriander seeds.

Enoki mushroom cooked in veggie soup stock, soy sauce and sake. "Umami" flavor from mushroom is so heavenly.

What is your favorite veggie dishes which can be stocked?

Can you share your recipe with me?

Have a nice day!

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