Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would you like Chicken or Cauliflower? Bento

The 30-day challenge of re-balancing the subject matter's eating habit completed yesterday.  (His diet consisted of 90% of meats and junk foods and 10% alcohol before the challenge.  The challenge helped him increase the consumption of veggies up to 33%.)  M, the subject matter, asked Maki to include meats and dairy to the bento boxes as the challenge is over.

Maki takes her pride in making vegetarian bento boxes.  What he did not realize was that his statement was equivalent to ordering Big Mac at the Sushi bar.

"OK. Fine."  This is a great opportunity to expand horizon of the Project.

Sudden death chicken:  Chicken extremely dried and burnt to its perfection.  Loaded with black pepper, Tabasco, and salt.  Enjoy the choking sensation.  The purchase of life insurance is required.

If you were him,
Do you prefer to eat this? 


be punched with Cauliflower?

Which do you prefer? 
Sudden death and his friends


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