Friday, February 3, 2012

Eating Breathlessly...

Have you ever eaten food without breathing?
If so, what was it?
Could you please share?

Cooked brown rice in an iron cast pot - steaming.  Broiled a salted sardine in the oven - a sound of fish oil getting boiled.  Glazed daikon radish vigorously to compliment the fish.  Squeezed lime juice over it. Soy sauce, too, of course.

Cooked red miso soup quickly in a tiny pot - smell of soy bean.

Irresistibly, pulled out several rice condiments from the fridge...

Found myself eating breathlessly.  100% focus.  Undivided attention  

Condiments for brown rice:
1. Sesame seeds, shitake mushroom, and sea salt.  Roasted.  Then, finished with a hint of sesame oil.
2. Ginger roots and green peppers marinated in white miso.

1. Konbu seaweed and abura age (fried soy cake) cooked with sansyo pepper, sake, soy sauce, and brown sugar.
2. Raw cilantro marinated with ginger, salt, and olive oil.

Abura age (fried soy cake) stuffed with carrots and garlic.  Complimented with nira and bean sprouts.

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