Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recession Special! $2.25 Soy Beans

Another "Recession Special" mission completed!  The Project experienced a major cut in funding due to exercising an early termination option on the contract with the Corporate client.  "I don't see any major issues associated with our decision." Maki, a self-proclaimed CFO commented confidently.  "We have a right strategy in place.  Most importantly, our alliances with veggies are so strong, we are confident that we will get through this period of challenge and expect to see surging profits by the end of the fiscal year."

So, let's enjoy the ride.  Shall we?

Let's see how much $2.25 soy beans can do for the Project.  
"1 lb of Soy Bean" for only $2.25 was transformed to:

"One cup of soy milk"
Soy milk.  Sweet flavor with a bit of bitterness.  Great for  making  creamy soup.
Soy milk shot with cinnamon and brown sugar

A pot of Heavenly "Tofu"
Mmm.. great with hot sake
Tofu with soy sauce, citrus juice, green onion , and ginger

Lots of "Okara"! = the edible meal-like residue left after the production of tofu
Good for multiple-use such as making cookies,  soy pattie, etc.
Shots from Tofu making process:

Let's not forget about 99 cents bean sprouts.  Removed the tails of bean sprouts and marinated with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. (no, waste!)  Mix it with any veggie spread - it will give really nice crunchiness.  It's great to be alive.

These guys will enrich the fridge for the next several days... Great job, soy beans!!!  

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