Friday, January 27, 2012

A Special Report on Montreal by the Fisher Woman.

Barroco restaurant in montreal...

Overpriced dinner with 14% tax and tip. Yes, It's canada. But trully inspired by their use of spices, oil, and sauce!

Is this modern Canadian-French? Maki has not tried bistro for a long time. Their complexity and approach ignited her curiosity.


Butter mixed with lemon, paprika, and cumin powder. We can make this easily at home. Can we? Very nice.

Scallop and foie gras risotto. Rich and dense flavor was spiked by orange and grape fruit juice. Flavors were well structured with some nice uncertainty.

A Salmon grilled with seasonal veggies topped with ??? Sauce. This sauce - a full of "umami." Brussels sprout and cauliflower were nicely grilled gave chunky and moist texture to the dish Crispy fried fish tail was smelly - the only disappointment.

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