Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 25 and 26 Veggies saved maki in Montreal

Weight: xxx lbs, as no scale is available.

Completely underestimated how cold the weather could be in Montreal... Having walked 6km to the Jean-talon market in -12degrees left Maki nicely disoriented in the sketchy neighborhood. Her appetite to check out the local fresh market - so strong - overruled her safety and health concern.

"If I get knocked down here, no one is here to slap my face and shout, 'Maki, don't sleep. If you fall asleep, you will die!"

"No rescue dog. No red cross. No bottle of vodka."

Vegetable soup at the market healed her 'physically and mentally' 'inside and out.'. Soft, kind, and comforting. A hint of anchovy flavor truly knocked her out.

Repas pot, legumes (Can$4.95)
Le tartarin
7070 Henri-julien, Montreal

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