Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 Cold somen noodle bento on chilly day.

Day 4

Weight: 172.8 lbs (+_0 or 0%)

Key findings:

The subject matter confessed that he regretfully consumed two hot dogs after finishing the bento yesterday.  No surprise at all - the scenario analysis in the earlier stage indicated 99% probability of such  outcome.  The decision tree may need a slight adjustment, but no change in overall strategy.

The project's literacy has gradually improved, however spelling of cooking terminology needs to be closely monitored.

The project continues.


Noodle: Japanese somen noodle which has been sitting in the kitchen cabinet for a white.  Pieces of nori on top of the noodle to prevent him/her to be fully exposed.

Warm dipping sauce 1: Sake-infused white crease sauce delicately mixed with spinach, maitake mushroom, sesame oil, and a hint of soy sauce. Topped with pieces of dried red pepper and white peppercorn.

Cool dipping sauce 2: Pre-made salsa sauce with chopped shallots topped with cilantros.

Side: Walnuts and spinach cooked in extra virgin olive oil finished with balsamic vinaigrette.  Last bit of bean sprouts.

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