Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 The first work day of 2012

Day 3

Weight: 172.8lb (+_0)

The first work day of 2012.  The project's belief:  Although he/she may be physically captured at the office cube, one's mind is free to experience the other world via simply eating good food.

Rice: Japanese brown rice with daikon radish.  Additives if any: sake and extract from kiriboshi daikon.  Topped with a piece of parsley (= attention seeker).   
Box 1:  Chick pea pancake made with mashed chick pea and soup stock veggies (=potatoes and carrots which were previously used to make veggie soup stock), olive oil, rosemary, and salsa sauce.  Cooked in oven with oregano and shitake mushroom, another soup stock veggies.  Sitting pretty with a pre-made salsa sauce topped with 3 pieces of capers.

Box 2: Daikon radish with lime marmalade-like ource.  First, daikon radish was cooked in water which was previously used for rinsing brown rice.  Second, cook lime skin with lime juice and brown sugar for lime marmalade.  Finally, add the lime sauce to daikon with soy sauce and sake.  Simmer them kindly. 
Box 3: Bean sprouts marinated with spicy oil, sea salt, black pepper, and rice vinegar.  Kiriboshi daikon.

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