Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 Out of Bento box - Veggie soy-flavored ramen

Day 2

Weight: 172.8lbs (+-0)

No work today.  So, let's try cooking something which does not fit the bento box. 

Soy-flavored veggie ramen with moroheiya noodle, bean sprouts, and green onion.
Cooked bean sprouts are marinated with sea salt, black pepper, rice vinegar, and spicy oil. 

Chewy green noodle.  Highly recommended.
No MSG for sure.  Soup stock made from various vegetables (cooked for 12 hours or more) finished with soy source, sesame oil, grazed ginger and garlic.  Do not forget to sprinkle white pepper to finish it off.

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  1. Home made ramen goodness with a very tasty broth made with all natural ingredients. Perfect bowl of ramen noodlesoup for a cold day.