Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16 Press Release. The Interium Review

Day 16 Weight: 173.5 lbs (+0.7 lbs)
Press release. New York, U.S.A. Project Maki NYC announced an interim review of the project's result on one of the major initiatives, the "Detox." therapy prescribed to 43-year old male. Maki, a founder of the project commented, "In this therapy, the most effective method is to simply put "good" veggies in the subject's mouth to have him understand the real things in the world. No logical argumentation necessary." she says with her Tokyo accents,

"Sign out of Facebook. Turn-off Blackberry. Stop producing "garbages." Just EAT it."

The subject matter's weight has fluctuated since the the therapy started on January 1, 2012. The weight increased by 0.7 lbs or 0.4%. The increase is primarily due to excessive consumption of alcohol, junk foods, and meats in the evening. Maki acknowledged a slight change in the overall strategy. "The project's principles still remain the same. However, the project is experimenting the use of various spices to give strong flavor to each box. It will take some time for the subject matter to stop craving for artificially flavored junk foods."

Project Maki NYC is a provider of vegetarian bento boxes and consulting services to the Greater New York community. Founded in Hell's kitchen, New York in 2012.
1 16 2012
Sandwich with celery, apple, and mustard seeds. Nicely teased in the oven so they give up their water content
Veggie puree infused with red ginger and heineken beer for bitterness and sourness

Miso walnut, and hummus wrapped in cabbage. Steam cooked to soften their strong will Pressed barely and apple cooked with cinnamon.

Raw cabbage and walnut marinated with grounded sesame seed, miso. Jasmine rice.

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