Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 Sunday brunch - Thai-style congee

Day 15

Weight: 171.6 lbs (-1.2 lbs) Two large bottles of Asahi beer last night.

One of the Project's favorite brunch menu is Thai-style congee (rice soup). A huge success of making one this morning.  This is perfect for cold morning, recovery from hang-over, etc.  Absolutely no MSG.  Loaded with lots of flavors.  Eat with garlic oil, fish sauce... whatever you wish.  

1 cup Thai Jasmine rice
Vegetable stock "left-over" special (made of miscellaneous aging veggies in the fridge)
Vegetable stock "macrobiotic" special  (made of seaweed and dried shitake mushroom)
1 dried shitake mushroom
1 piece of ginger chopped
 Sea salt

Garlic skin and 1 clove of garlic, chopped
Peanut oil

Rinse Jasmine rice in a pot.  Pour mixed vegetable stock (up to 5 inches above the rice) and add a dried shitake mushroom and let it sit until rice and mushroom soak the soup for 20 minutes (?).  
Take out soaked mushroom.  Start cooking rice in high heat.  Once it boils, reduce to low heat.  When rice are softened, blend it in the blender for smooth texture.  Add sliced soaked mushroom and salt. Cook again in a pot in low heat for a while. Prior to serving, add chopped ginger and cilantro.

In a small pan, stir-fly garlic skin and chopped garlic.  This is to transfer garlic aroma to the oil.  Serve this with congee.       

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