Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10 Comfort bento

Day 10

Weight: 173.2 lbs (+0.4bls) The increase is due to that the subject matter consumed sliders, nachos, chicken tenders, fries, 4 bottles of beers, 2 shots and Chicken and basil at both lunch and dinner.

Welcome to the world of bento therapy! One's state of mind can be expressed in the work of bento. Today, the boxes are filled with many red and orange ingredients - a sign of seeking comfort, warmth, and stability. In NYC, suffering from general anxiety and/or panic attack (for no apparent reason) is common.

Remedy: Eat healthy bento produced by Project Maki NYC - remedy for your internal organ.

Tofu cake: Drained tofu was mashed, and mixed with chopped fern roots, paprica, shitake mushroom, then baked in oven for...mmm... how long? Accompanied by red radish sandwiches with garlic hummus. Sprinkled oregano and cilantro on the top.
Recycle special: Main ingredients are veggies used for soup stock. These veggies were recycled in this soup to give a creamy feel to the soup. Mixed with a shot of bloody mary mix, Worcester sauce, and maggie sauce. Topped with pumpkin seeds and Thai red pepper.
Remedy for de-frosted dry brown rice: Add miso paste mixed with onion and green pepper on the bed of rice. Sprinkle pieces of seaweed. Pour hot water immediately before eating this. Here she comes, miso flavored risotto.
Side: Kinpira gobo and bean sprouts with mustard seed salad.

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