Friday, June 8, 2012

Special Edition In BKLN : B & W @ Ouchi Gallery

June 7th, 2012. What a great day in BKLN, NYC 
Ouchi Gallery in BKLN, NYC was pleased to announce the opening of  "BLACK & WHITE" exhibition which features works of numerous international artists including the luscious work by Naoko Ogasawara.

A nice ride to BKLN crossing Manhattan bridge.  Ouchi gallery is located in this convinient yet hiding spot.

Everyone voted for his/her favorite artist.  Also, every guest picked either black or white wrist band to wear during the exhibitions - Yes, you must obey B & W theme. 

Found it!  The work by Naoko Ogasawara!
 I was asked by a film crew to talk about my favorite artist.  With no hesitation, I volunteered to talk about my fave, Naoko Ogasawara's BLACK themed work.  Hopefully, the artist does not mind my comments...

I looked a bit like a pushy sales lady from Hell's Kitchen due to my nervousness to a camera, and I don't remember if I could express myself well.  Anyway, here is what I wanted to say: 

"the imagery in this work is so sank in darkness, yet there is somthing trying to rise out of darkness and reach for brighter side of the (her) world.   Naoko successfully conveyed her message in this simple BLACK work without clearly articulating her intention.  Yet, in this work, her spirit clearly spelled out her desire and hope, and where she is heading to in her life. "   
Lots of works by international artists were presented.
So many visitors!

The opening was followed by live performance.  Good work!  Just a bit erotic for middle-aged male audiences.
And who was filming the performance?  That's my partner.  Anyone knows a good divorce lawyer?
 Naoko Ogasawara, please keep us posted on your new works and exhibitions (^^)
Remember to visit us in Hell's Kitchen, and continue to inspire us with your beautiful life, and works which are reflective and non-reflective of your continuity!


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