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2012 Summer in Hell's Kitchen - Story 6

2012 Summer in Hell's Kitchen - Story 6
Kenchin jiru & sauted Okara
I picked up a famous recipe for Kenchin jiru (veggie soup) which was originated in Kenchoji-temple in Kamakura, Japan.  Again, I had to replace some of the ingredients based on the availability of veggies in Hell's Kitchen, but, the flavor came out so simple, clear, and a full of natural flavors from veggies.  Great for summer detox.  Here is the recipe.

Ingredients (Serves 2-3 ppl):
1 Carrot, cut in rangiri-style
1 Potato (Used as a substitute for Japanese potato) cut in rangiri-style
Daikon radish, same portion as carrot or potato, cut in ichogiri-style
1 stem Chinese broccoli (Used as a substitute for Komatsuna) - Lightly boil in water with salt, then chopped in to 1/2 inch.
1 pack of Konnyaku = only 99 cents at Japanese grocery 
Burdock is omitted as it is luxury item in Hell's kitchen.

Veggie stock (leave kelp and shitake mushroom in water over night)
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Medium or firm Tofu 1 pack (approx. 400g) 

1. Pinch Konnyaku with chopsticks (or forks). This is supposed to drain excess water from Konnyaku.  Then, break Konnyaku into small pieces by using the edge of a tea cup (or spoon).  In a pot in high heat without any oil, throw in Konnyaku pieces a few minutes.  This is to eliminate excess water and smell.  Then, set it aside.
2. In a pot in mid-high heat, add sesame oil, then saute carrot, potato, and daikon radish, first.  Then, add (1) and sliced shitake mushroom from Veggie stock.  Once all items are heated, add veggie stock and kelp in a pot to cover all the ingredients.  Simmer for 2-3 hours.  Occasionally remove white forms emerging to the surface of soup.

3. Add just a bit of soy sauce til the color of soup changes to slightly brown.  Add salt to adjust the flavor for your taste.  Finally, add boiled Chinese broccoli and Tofu (which you just crush into pieces in your palm.)  Add a bit of sesame oil at the very end.

Remember - this recipe was formulated in order to use up all veggies and not to produce any waste.  Any veggie skins, just chop it up and throw them into the soup (^^)

Thank you for reading my blog!
One day, One recipe!!
Have a nice day!!!
I did a regular check-up on Miso which I started the fermentation process last month.  Looking nice and already started to smell like Miso.  The fermentation process accelerates in Summer. 

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