Friday, May 25, 2012

What's SHIO KOJI? Super LIVING Food From Japan

Shio Koji (salted rice malt) is a LIVING condiment made of KOJI (fermented malted rice typically used to make sake and miso), salt and water.  Recently it has gained popularity in Japan due to its ability to enhance UMAMI flavor in foods and its health benefits.  Shio Koji is a full of ENZYME.
570g KOJI
170g salt
850ml water

Mix all ingredients in a bin, then leave it in room temperature.  Please stir the mix once a day for fermentation.  It takes 1 week - 2 weeks to be ready for use.  Keep it in a fridge where the fermentation process continues.
Day 2 - KOJI and water are still isolated.
Day 10 - smells like sweet sake.  Blended and creamy texture.
Some trials and errors (^^) with my my new toy = SHIO KOJI. 
SHIO KOJI TOMATO - 5 ripe tomatoes & 1 large hot pepper marinated with 3 tbsp shio koji.

GRILLED SANDWICH with SHIO KOJI TOMATO, banana, and hot pepper with balsamico.

GRILLED PEPPER with SHIO KOJI.  Plated on the bed of diced egg plant, sweet tomato, and glazed garlic.  (PLS remove the seeds of hot pepper.  EXTREMELY hot with seeds.

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