Friday, May 25, 2012

PROPER & STICKY. Natto, Super Living Food From Japan

Everyone dreams of eating his/her favorite food until his/her stomach is extremely FULL.
What is your favorite food? 
For me...

It's NATTO = soy beans FERMENTED with LIVING micro organism.

Natto is characterized by its pungent cheese-like smell and addicting flavor.  It's extremely STICKY!
Natto is loaded with health benefits such as reducing blood clotting, risk of cancer, Alzheimer's disease... etc, etc...

Most importantly, it is YUMMY!

Today, my dream came true - Making Natto in my kitchen and eat Natto until...whatever.

400g soy beans
1 pack of Natto (50g) from Japanese grocery store. 
3 packs of Natto was approx. $2.90.  The price spiked after the earthquake in 2011.
1. Clean soy beans well, and soak overnight.  I soaked the beans for over 12 hours until the size almost doubled.
2. After the soaking process, boil in low-heat until the texture softens.  In my case, the boiling time was 8 hours. 
Some people steam the beans instead of boiling.

3. Drain well. Add 1 pack of Natto while the beans are hot. Mix well.  The purpose is to spread Natto culture to boiled beans evenly.
50g of pre-made Natto can produce 400g of Natto or even more.

4. Cover a container with aluminum foil with holes.  (Natto needs some air for proper fermentation.)  Place it inside of a pot (I used my Dutch Oven) and place a lid with a bit of space for breathing.  Turn on the oven to 200 degrees for a few minutes, then turn it off.  Once the temperature drops to "hot yoga" level, place the pot in the oven.  

A key is to keep the pot in "hot yoga" temperature for 24 hours.
So, adjust the temperature by turning on and off the oven.
Natto needs air because it is ALIVE.
5. After 24-hour of "hot yoga", keep the pot in room temperature for 12 hours.  (At this point, close a lid of the Natto container.)
See outer skin is a bit dry after hot yoga?   Stickiness started to emerge - a sign of fermentation.  Hooray!
6. Place the container in a fridge for another 2 days for more fermentation.

Finally, here comes home-made NATTO!

 The result? 
STICKY and loaded with UMAMI flavor, as Natto should be (^^)

In Japan, some people add various toppings to Natto such as cheese, kimche, raw egg, okura ....also use Natto for making omelet, pancake, curry, etc...

 My favorite is to add choped green onion, soy sauce and mustard. No rice.

What is your favorite way of eating Natto?

Thank you for reading my blog!
One day, One recipe!!
Have a nice day!!! 

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