Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meditaiton In Kitchen = Making Udon Necklace?

One of my favorite cooking books I recently picked up at NYPL is Mayumi's kitchen - macrobiotic cooking for body and soul.  Mayumi is an expert in Macrobiotic way of cooking = life.  She is a personal chef of Madonna's.  Her recipe is healthy, simple, veggie-based, and dynamic - which is easy to follow in NYC with a trip to Japanese grocery store a few times a month.

I added more of my inputs to her wonderful recipe for homemade udon - to customize for taste buts in Hell's Kitchen.

Noodles are made of 50% wheat and 50% white unbleached flours.
 Interestingly, her recipe shows that noodle to be shaped like a necklace. (^^)

"Cooking = Meditation"
I enjoyed my meditation when I was making udon necklace in my kitchen. 
I found myself breathing deep and relaxed as I was ONLY focusing on making simple Udon.
Released from noise of Hell's kitchen.
How is my mind and soul doing? 
Light and healthy!
How was the flavor?
Honestly, it came out rather too chewy if you expect the texture of regular Udon.

 For soup base, simmered a piece of seaweed (kombu) and dried shitake mushroom.  Then, added soy, sauce, mirin, sake, glazed ginger, and finally a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to bring out mildness in the soup. 

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