Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Have A Peaceful Meal With A Vegan and A Meat Eater

My nest is occupied by 2 people, a Vegan and a Meat-eater.
Have you already smelt trouble?
Saute shallot, Chinese broccoli, and diced carrots in EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL in preparation for veggie fried rice.  Add a bit of sat and pepper.
Fortunately, no report of 911 yet. (^^)
Because, there are HEALTHY recipes which satisfies two different individuals with different needs and wants.
Veggie fried rice accompanied by various side toppings / dishes including:

"Skinny pork with home made ponzu sauce",
"Carrot salad with smashed garlic dressing", and
"Silken tofu with green onion, high-quality balsamic and Sicilian olive oil" (which is not on this picture, but I eat it daily basis.  Nearly addicted).

Cook ground pork in boiled water to lose EXCESS fat, then marinated with ponzu sauce.  Saute shredded carrot with smashed garlic dressing with sesame seeds.
A key is not to season veggie fried rice too strong, in order to enjoy healthy and powerful flavors from side dishes / toppings.

I believe that every individual has unique needs and wants to be happy = healthy.  
Believe in your self - if you listen to yourself mind and body carefully, your mind and body tells you exactly what you need and want to eat (^^)

For some people, it is blood dripping steak,
For some people, it is a cup cake with pink and silver icing.
For me, it is... VEGGIES (^^)
I heard one marathon runner dreamed of eating steak after running a full-marathon, but he could not eat it.  Instead, his body desired easily digested food with high sodium.

When my body is in need of iron and protein, I feel strong urge to eat spinach, cashew nuts, tofu, and soy bean products.

When my mind needs some relaxation, I desire nothing but light and comforting food. 
I wish I could share my wonderful experience with veggies and want to express my appreciation for things in the World for being there and blessing me every day. 
Another peaceful night in Hell's kitchen.
Thank you for reading my blog!
One day, One recipe!!
Have a good night!!!

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