Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to eat carrots like a CRAZY bunny

2 big bags of carrot = $2 at the Farmer's Market.
I will show you how to eat carrots like a CRAZY rabbit! 

(Out of total volume as 100%)
Carrot 85%, cut into 5 inch
Asparagus 5%, stemmed.
Onion  10%, chopped
Garlic 5%, chopped
Tofu Mayo 4.75%
Salt and black / white pepper, a pinch
Soy sauce 0.25%

Can anyone check if the ingredients  add up to 100%?

Tofu mayo - made of soft tofu and mustard seeds
1. Cook carrots and asparagus in boiling water with salt for a few minutes.
2. Once carrots cool down, mix rest of the ingredients.
3. Let  it rest in a fridge over night or at least a few hours.

Too easy? Chop up the salad for a filling for breakfast sandwich.

Grilled sandwich with left-over veggie curry and springy salad.

For meat-eaters, why not adding cooked ground pork / chicken, and mix it with the salad?  Good with beer / a glass of wine or more.

Have a nice day!!

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  1. Lemme tell y'all that the sandwich was quite tasty. Take it from me, a dude who's a hardcore Carnavore...This sandwich filled with vegetables goodness was full of flavor!