Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whole Wheat Pasta & Tofu. Hard lessons learned.

Simply inspired by Jamie Oliver's Dream School...
Experiment 1: Pasta-making with organic whole wheat flour

It is not vegetarian as an egg is one of the ingredients. Does anyone know how to make vegan pasta?
No pasta machine available in the kitchen? Just use a can of spray to stretch a dough.

Looks like Udon?
Ravioli with caper and asparagus?
Experiment 2: Tofu-making with $2 per lb soy beans in Korea town.

Cheap! ... So, I thought.
2lbs of soy beans ended up with
6 cups of Okara
4 cups of soy milk
1 pot of Tofu looking substance

Hard lessons learned today:
1. Do not bite more than you can chew: Processing 2lbs soy beans was too much for the small kitchen.
2. Quality rather than quantify: DON'T PLS USE CHEAP SOY BEANS! Cheap soy beans leave too much bitterness in Tofu. You can tell from aroma while cooking - Use organic beans for Tofu-making as Tofu-making reveals true quality of beans used.

...Have a nice day!

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