Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not Coming Soon! Fisher Woman's Lounge in Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen, NY, U.S.A. (Hell's Kitchen Press) - Due to catastrophic failure to make seafood broth over night, Project Maki NYC delays the opening of Fisher Woman's Lounge in Hell's Kitchen.  "Fish and shrimp are completely different 'animal' from veggies.  They are not as generous as veggies.  Not as superstitious as meats.  Very stubborn, indeed."  Maki made wrinkles between her eyebrows, and commented in agony.  "Cilantro, green onions, red ginger - all our allies - did their best to stabilize the situation.  But, the smell of 'fish bone'!  OMG."  The kitchen was quickly turned into a gas chamber, and it was unavoidable to unconditionally surrender.  Fortunately, no major damage to the facility or casualties reported.  

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