Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29 Recession Special Continues - Recession Soba Noodle and Congee

Weight: 172.0 lbs (- 0.8 lbs)

A veggie coffin in the project's freezer which keeps abandoned veggies skins, roots, and stems. Let's revive them - Please be soup stock! An aging tangerine orange with skin on joined them for its cause.
Let's see how they draw their own conclusion.

Sunday brunch - Recession special soba noodle!

A dipping sauce for the recession soba: Re-cycle soup from from Day 28. Add chopped cilantro. Bean sprouts in the soup nicely tender and obedient by now.

Simply cheap soba noodle - price reduced at the Japanese grocery

Condiments for Soba - to be added to the soba dipping sauce as you wish: "Employ aging work force" and "A stimulus package" from Day 28. Pieces of Cilantro leave and Cilantro roots with ginger. Please enjoy the liberty of enjoying different flavors.

How to eat this?: dip the soba noodle in the dipping sauce. Add the condiments as necessary to enjoy the different flavors. It's not that difficult.

If there is leftover dipping sauce, please use it to make rice risotto. All the flavors from the condiments come together to make this risotto heavenly.

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