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2012 Summer in Hell's Kitchen - Story 7

2012 Summer in Hell's Kitchen - Story 7


School is out and summer is here.  When I was a kid, I often woke up late when no school, and found the breakfast was already over.  So, I usually checked a fridge and see what was available.  The fridge was always packed with various veggie dishes which compliment steamed rice so well.  These dishes are either pickled or cooked so it is safe in Summer, and lasts for a while in the fridge.  Most importantly, healthy, nutritious, and yummy!      

Overslept?  Check your fridge for your breakfast!
 Main act of this menu is steamed rice.  I added a little bit of Quinoa to raw rice, but it makes sense to keep the rice simple and plain, cuz there are lots of condiments to be enjoyed with rice.

Miso soup is made with veggie stock made of kelp and dried shitake mushroom.  I added pre-cooked kale which was boiled and stir-fried with garlic and olive oil yesterday.     
1. Simmered kiriboshi daikon radish with carrot.
2. Spicy carrot in kimpira-style with sesame oil
3. Stir-fried Kale with Mushroom sauce

1. Spicy enoki mushroom
2. Radish pickled with salt and vinegar
3.  Soy soboro - made of okara
4.  Chopped and minced ginger
I got a recipe for Chopped and minced ginger on Youtube.  This is a recipe recommended by Japanese Figure ice skater, Daisuke Takahashi. He mentioned that he eats rice called "Gold & Silver" with Soy marinated ginger prior to competing on the skating ring for good luck!  Basically, just mince up ginger and simmer with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, Kelp soup stock and shottsuru (I believe this is Japanese fish sauce - I used SHIO KOJI instead.)  It is definitely great with steamed rice.  Really easy to make.

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One day, One recipe!!
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