Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wild Watercress at Fairy Spring in Sedona, AZ

 Somewhere hidden in Sedona, AZ.  There is a place called "Fairy Spring"
You can find this place with a help from a famous guide nicknamed "fairy."
Abundance of spring water - so clean and cold.
Look!  Naturally, lots of wild watercress grow in a place which is blessed with pure and cold water!!
Taste of wild watercress?  Sweetness and bitterness coexist - it is like eating purified water.

Back in Hell's Kitchen.

Of course, it was nearly impossible for me not to think of playing with watercress.  So, here comes...

Pasta - watercress, mushroom, garlic and red pepper.  Finished with Balsamico.
Salad- watercress with (1) tomato stuffed with olive and tofu mayo, (2) smashed soy with shallot, carrot, and basil, (3) olive roasted apple. 
Sweet dressing with honey and miso.
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Once recipe, One day!!
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