Monday, May 21, 2012

The Making of Yuzu pepper?...No, Lime Pepper

Yuzu pepper is one of my favorite ingredients.  In Hell's Kitchen, it is difficult to find fresh Yuzu.
So why don't I use LIME, instead?
Simmered daikon with Japanese red pepper.  Sauteed mushroom.  Eggplant noodle coated with brown rice.  Serve with LIME pepper.
Ingredients: 5 ORGANIC lime (Highly recommended to use organic lime to avoid intake of pesticides absorbed in lime skin)
10 Thai chili pepper (extremely spicy despite of its size)
3 tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Most importantly, your patience
Patience or violence?
1. Just glaze lime skin only kindly with a bit of violence in your mind.
Don't ever ask them "are you going bold?"  "Do you need to talk about it?"
2. Add salt, chopped Thai chili pepper, lime juice (1 lime only), extra virgin olive oil.

3. Leave it in a fridge for 3-4 days.
Salty, spicy, and citrusy!
I use it for anything - noodle, tofu, salad dressing... etc.  Find a way to enjoy lime pepper, and please make sure to share your experience with me!
Daikon radish in a hot tub.  "~~ feels good~~"
Eggplant in noodle shape.  Mushroom wating for olive oil spa "treatment."
Thank you for reading my blog!
One recipe! One day!!  (Actually this is my 2nd recipe of today)

Have a nice day!!!

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