Sunday, March 25, 2012

Official Recipe: Asparagus Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Japanese Miso and Sesame Flavor.

Asparagus grilled cheese sandwich with Japanese miso and sesame flavor.

Recipe for 1 sandwich

(1.) Any kind of  bread -  Thickness is approx.0.5 inch
(2.) Any kind of cheddar cheese, sliced - Thickness is approx. 0.20 inch.  Size should be same as the bread.
(3.) Asparagus - 3 stalks
(4.) Japanese white miso - 1 tea spoon
(5.) White sesame seeds - 1 tea spoon
(6.) Sesame oil - 1-2 drops
(7.) Crispy fried shallot - 1 tea spoon (If you don't have one, simply deep-fry finely chopped shallot in any kind of oil until the color changes  to crispy and golden) 
(8.) White / black pepper
(9.) Butter or margarine

1. Steam cook asparagus until the color changes to light green, and slice it.  (Make sure to remove stem and hard skin prior to steaming. )
2. Grind white sesame seeds and sesame oil in a grinder until creamy texture.
3. Marinate steamed asparagus (see 1) with grounded white sesame paste (see 2) and white miso.
4. Make  sandwich with marinated steamed asparagus (see 3), cheddar cheese, and crispy fried shallot.  Sprinkle white / black pepper.
5.  Add butter or margarine in a pan, then grill each side of sandwich for 1 minute per each side in medium heat.  Occasionally press down with spatula if necessary.

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