Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31 After 30 days. The Final Review.

  1. Yuca: boiled.
2. Mushroom: stir-fried with mustard seeds and fuji apple.
3. Brown rice, grains & lentils
4. Bok Choy: Stir-fried leaf.  Boiled roots.
5. Fuji apple: Simmered with cinnamon, sake, green pepper. 

Weight:  172.5 lbs (-0.3 lbs) 

The subject matter confessed that last night he consumed:
4 pints of beer
Basil fried rice with basil

The final review by the project: 
  • Physical aspect: (Level 3 = Met Expectations) It is in fact true that the weight loss was limited to -0.3 lbs.  Considering the consumption of alcohol and junk foods on a daily basis - gigante -, he still managed to keep his weight off. 
  • Mental aspect:: (Level 4 = Exceeded Expectation) The subject has:
    • Lost fear of interactions and commitment to veggies.
    • Learned a complicated task such as cleaning up the bento boxes and re-assembling.
  • Level 2 = Needs Improvement: The Project recommends the subject improves the following:
    • Limit the consumption of junk foods and alcohol in the evening.
    • Learn that MSG was made to replicate natural flavor - Umami.  Not the opposite.
    • Learn the vocabulary to express flavors other than "good", "strong", and "no flavor."    
Have a nice day!

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